Want to feel Strong, Hot and Healthy?

Break the cycle of fitness fads and unrealistic diets and discover a self-compassionate approach to sustainable health and fitness.


Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You've tried it all¬†‚Äď fads diets, shakes, pills,¬†gruelling workouts and trying to be more body positive. But¬†nothing sticks¬†longterm.

  • You're juggling a career, a family, and a million other things, and your health and fitness goals keep getting pushed aside.

  • You've accomplished a lot but your weight is the one thing you feel¬†you can't seem to maintain
  • You are overwhelmed and frustrated by fitness fads and contradicting advice.

Hey, I'm Bridie
I was there for years!

Yo-Yo'ing between all or nothing but always felt out of control of my habits. Until I decided 'enough is enough.' And went about finding a solution that transformed my relationship with exercise, food and my body - Long term.

Now I teach women a self compassionate approach to health and fitness. No deprivation, no crazy diets, no punishing exercise. But effective strategies to build positive habits from a place of 'want to' not "should do"

Bridie Walker
Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Positive Weight Loss Coach.

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- How I Can Help? -

No More Diets, Just Sustainable Solutions. 

My programs are not about quick fixes, but setting you up for real, lasting change to so you feel your best.


The Six Week Sculpt

This is your kickstart to a consistent fitness routine. Designed for busy working mums.  Fitness that fits into your life, not the other way around. 

Learn more about the The Six Week Sculpt

It's not you, it's the diet bullsh*t you've been fed your whole life.

Getting fit and losing weight does NOT have to be so complicated. 

It really is simple when you stop trying diets and programs that leave you overwhelmed and frustrated.

I help you simplify weight loss and exercise so you live a strong, hot and healthy lifestyle!


Build a Meal Plan
That Works For YOU!

Learn how to use Chat GPT to streamline meal times and make healthy fit YOU.

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